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Common Land Measurement Units Used in India

If you are wondering about the way how you can convert your land area to a desired unit of measurement then you need not worry anymore. Area Conversion Calculator is simple and easy to understand. All that you will be required to do is to feed in the value of the area of the land that you intend to convert, select its available measurement unit and then select the unit you wish to convert to.

Whether an experienced real estate professional or a novice property purchaser, it is advisable to all that they have some understanding of the measurement units mostly used in the country.

While most might be aware with the popular units of measure like acres, hectares, square yards (also known as Gaj), there are many other units that might be known to the minuscule population because of their usage in select regions of India.

Take for instance the cases of Bigha, Bigha-Pucca, Biswa, Killa, and Kanal the usage of which is restricted mainly to North India than in any other part of the country. In a similar manner, Ankanam, Cent, Ground, and Kuncham are some of the examples that are mostly used in South India. In Eastern India like West Bengal, Assam, and Tripura on the other hand, land measurement units like Chatak, Dhur, Kattha, and Lecha are in vogue while Western Indian states like Rajasthan and Gujarat see the use of units like Bigha, Biswa, and Biswansi.

Land Measurement Units and their Conversion Factors:

Area unit Conversion factor
1 Acre 4840 sq yd
1 Biswa 48.4 sq yd
1 Killa 4,840 sq yd
1 Square Feet (sq ft) 144 square inches
1 Square Yard (sq yd) 9 sq ft
1 Chatak 180 sq ft
1 Guntha 1089 sq ft
1 Bigha-Pucca 3025 sq yd
1 kanal 5445 sq ft (8 Kanals = 1 acre)
1 Hectare 10,000 sq mtr (or 2.47 acres)
1 Bigha 968 sq yd
1 Aankadam 72 sq ft
1 Cent 435.6 sq ft
1 Ground 2400 sq ft
1 Kuncham 484 sq yd