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Loan against Residential Property is a secured loan that can be availed against residential property which is kept as collateral with the lender.

Loan against Commercial Property is a secured loan that can be availed against commercial property which is kept as collateral with the lender.

Loan against Industrial Property is a secured loan that can be availed against industrial property which is kept as collateral with the lender.

LAP Dropline Overdraft is a facility which allows you to overdraw from the current account up to an agreed limit being an effective form of borrowing where interest is paid only onthe amount withdrawn.

Lease Rental Discounting is a term loan that is availed against rental receipts arising from a lease contract. The loan is availed by the lessor based on the present value of the rentals and the underlying property value.

LAP Balance Transfer enables you reduce your EMIs on existing LAP by transferring your outstanding loan (sometimes also availing a top-up loan) to another financial institution providing a lower rate of interest or longer tenure.

Don’t we all face cash crunch in our lives? Well, we do. It is here that our properties come to our rescue and enable us to get loan against our residential, commercial or industrial property. Indeed, loan against property is the most effective way to arrange funds for one’s commercial or personal requirements. The applicant can use the borrowed sum for myriad reasons which can be child’s education, wedding, business enhancement etc.

As loan against property is a secured loan, the interest rate levied here is lower than unsecured loans. The loan amount that an applicant can avail is directed by the market value of his property, his credit score etc.

The applicant must know that prepayment of loan against property can also be done. However, there are some lenders who charge prepayment fees. It will therefore be in the best interest of the applicant to go through the offer carefully so that he knows the conditions levied by the lender thoroughly before applying for the loan.

IndiakaLoan.com provides expert and professional advice to those seeking loans. We manage the entire loan process making it very easy for the applicant. We have tie-ups with 40+ banks and NBFCs which puts us in a very good position to enable you avail your loan from the best suited loan provider.

Some of the USPs that endears people to us are:

Experience: We are in the financial services business for more than 25 years and have the right ammunition to guide you towards making the right financial choices.

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Professional Setup with Professional Approach: We have full knowledge of our business and are a responsive loan distributor, dedicated to serve you as per your needs.

S.NO Bank/NBFC Bank/NBFC Code Loan Against Property (ROI) Salaried Loan Against Property (Processing Fees) Salaried Loan Against Property (ROI) Self Employed Loan Against Property (Processing Fees) self Employed
1 YES BANK SMC Investments & Adviors Ltd 10% 0.50% 10.50% 1%
2 KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK 1.85E+08 9.60% 0.50% 9.70% 0.50%
3 FULLERTON INDIA  MA066 12% 1% 13% 1%
4 SHRIRAM CITY SMC Investments & Adviors Ltd 12% 1% 13% 1%
6 CAPRI GLOBAL CAPITAL LTD. SMC Investments & Adviors Ltd 14% 2% 15% 2%
7 CITI BANK Via RKPL 8.75% 0.15% 8.85% 0.15%
8 RELIANCE HOME  FINANCE 4002020 12% 1% 13% 1%
9 RATNAKAR BANK (RBL BANK) PANASMCI 10% 0.50% 10.50% 1%
10 DEUTSCHE BANK  DR415 9.70% 0.50% 9.80% 0.50%
11 TATA HOUSING FINANCE LTD. TCHFL 8043057 10% 0.50% 10.50% 1%
12 EDELWEISS SMC Investments & Adviors Ltd 11% 1.00% 12% 1%
13 PNB HOUSING FINANCE LTD. 7.38E+09 10% 0.50% 10.50% 1%
14 HDFC Ltd. HDFC Ltd- 58CSM 10% 0.50% 10.50% 1%
15 HDFC Bank HDFC Bank-204257 9.50% 0.50% 9.70% 0.50%
17 IDFC FIRST BANK 21605 10% 0.50% 10.50% 0.50%
18 CHOLAMANDALAM FINANCE COMPANY 10874 12% 1.00% 13.00% 2.00%
19 INDUSLND BANK CORP31331 10% 0.50% 10.50% 0.75%
20 L & T HOUSING FINANCIAL SERVICES SMC Investments & Adviors Ltd 10.50% 1.00% 11% 1.00%
21 ICICI HOME FINANCE COMPANY LTD. 246217 10.50% 1.00% 11% 1.00%
22 VASTU HOUSING FINANCE DEL046 12% 1.00% 13% 2%
23 PRIMAL CAPITAL  HOUSING FINANCE LTD. DADEL00368 9.75% 0.50% 10% 0.50%
24 LIC HOUSING FINANCE DXS000-SMC 9.75% 0.50% 10% 0.50%
25 HERO FINCORO LTD SMC Investments & Adviors Ltd 10.50% 1.00% 11% 1.00%
26 AXIS BANK DSA2330DEL 9.75% 0.50% 10% 0.50%
27 DCB BANK DEL0293 10.50% 1.00% 11% 1.00%
28 BANK OF BARODA SMC Investments & Adviors Ltd 9.65% 0.50% 9.90% 0.50%
29 STANDARD CHATERED  SMC Investments & Adviors Ltd 9.65% 0.50% 9.90% 0.50%
30 FEDERAL BANK SMC Investments & Adviors Ltd 9.65% 0.50% 9.90% 0.50%
31 SHRIRAM HOUSING FINANCE LTD. SMC Investments & Adviors Ltd 12% 1% 14% 1%
32 DBS BANK SMC Investments & Adviors Ltd 9.50% 0.50% 9.70% 0.50%

To avail quick loan against property, be it loan against residential property, loan against residential plot, loan against industrial property from Public/Private banks and NBFCs, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

The applicant must be an Indian National.

He/she must have attained the age of 21 years at the time of applying for the loan.

He/she must be employed in the present business for a specific number of years.

He/she must be earning a specific amount and possess monthly repaying capacity.

The applicant must have a good credit history as well as a proven track record of timely EMIs and card bill repayments. These will not only help in securing a loan against property at lower interest rate but will also help in cutting down on loan application processing time thereby speeding up the process.

IndiakaLoan.com with its extensive tie-up of 40+ banks and NBFCs will help you avail loan against property in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

The documents required for availing loan against property are:

For Salaried Individuals

Identity and residence proof (Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card)

Salary slips of the past three months

Form 16 issued by the present employer

Bank statements of salary account for the previous six months

A cheque covering the administrative costs/processing fees incurred by the bank in processing the application

For Self-Employed Business Persons

Identity and residence proof

Educational certificates

IT Returns of the preceding three years

Bank statements of preceding six months

For Self-Employed Professionals

Identity and residence proof

Certificates that prove the academic qualifications/credentials of the applicant

All registration/licensing certificate pertaining to the profession of the applicant

Business existence proof/business profile details of the applicant

Previous 3 years’ Balance Sheets as well as Profit & Loss Statement of the company

Acknowledged Income Tax statements of the company and self for the previous 3 years

Bank statement of the last six months

What is loan against property?

Loan against property is a type of loan that can be availed by individuals as well as companies in lieu of the existing property. You can avail loan using your property as collateral and repay in easy EMIs over time. Loan against property gives you a wonderful opportunity to raise funds through your property while retaining the ownership.

What types of property can be used as collateral for a loan against property?

Properties that can be used as collateral for the loan are:

Commercial property like hotels, restaurants, office, shops etc.

Residential property like your house, flat etc.

Industrial property like godowns etc.

Alternate property like residential plots, hotels, hospitals etc.

How can I avail Loan Against Property?

All you need to do is fill the above online requisition form and our executive will reach out to you.

How do I know the maximum loan amount that I can get as loan against my property?

You can borrow a loan amount up to 60% of the market value of your property.